WineTrend’s expert wine consultants can assist interior designers and architects at any individual stage of a project, or provide integrated consulting, design, fabrication and installation services. Our approach eliminates a coordination nightmare between designer, general contractor and owner.


Initial Consulting: Our team of wine consultants and hospitality designers work with interior designers and architects to shape the concept and possibilities in the earliest phases of a project. Clients come to us with an aesthetic vision, and our experts translate that vision into a functional, custom wine storage piece.  We work with general contractors to provide technical specification documents for every project, to include electrical, lighting, insulation and cooling. We also provide a schedule of deliverables and a budget estimate.


Design: Our in-house architect and consultants realize an interior designer’s specific vision for a custom wine display by producing to-scale plans and elevations. The aesthetics and functionality of all wine-rack designs and features will be finalized during this phase.


Fabrication: WineTrend deftly handles all aspects of building each custom wine storage piece, whether it is a traditional wooden cabinet or a sleek acrylic wine tower. Our own expert craftsmen fabricate each piece to our client’s exact specifications.


Installation: We employ and oversee a network of dedicated, specialized contractors to install the finished solution on site — locally or internationally.


Management: Wine storage is a complex and specialized area of hospitality design. WineTrend provides our clients with a dedicated project manager whose sole job is to facilitate communication between all the entities involved.


That manager represents the owner’s interests; works hand-in-hand with the interior designer; and partners with the general contractor to coordinate all specialized subcontractors: electric, lighting, plumbing, mechanical, cooling, construction and suppliers. Detailed progress reports are provided on a weekly basis.

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