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Wine Cellar
4121 Cox Rd. Suite 214
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Wine Cellar Rooms
Wine Cellar
Choose one of three progressively higher levels of craftsmanship for the creation of your wine cellar room:

Basic Level: We custom design floor plan and racks, creating a comprehensive, elegant and functional wine storage solution. A factory dedicated to making wine racks cuts and prepares them following Wine Trend’s specifications.
Luxury Level: The Basic Level plus one or more of the following options: counter service areas; cabinets for liquor, olive oils/balsamic vinegars, even for fur or leather coats; cigar humidor; separate drawers for utensils, chocolates, cheeses. (Cheese drawer includes wine-cheese pairings chart.)
Millwork Level: The ultimate in hands-on craftsmanship by skilled millworkers following Wine Trend's specs in creating the racks and special features you have selected.

Other offerings:

Styles: The style of your wine room is designed to meet your requirements -- contemporary, traditional or in-between. We also offer European-style stone and metal rooms, as well as an underground spiral wine cellar with a floor-level trap door.
Cooling Systems: Among the 18 different choices, we specify the right one to perfectly control your room's temperature and humidity.
Racks: Wooden, metal or ceramic material. Popular wood choices include redwood, cherry, mahogany, walnut and maple.
Doors: Specially manufactured to provide proper insulation, doors range in type: vault, see-through glass, secret panel, solid wood and rod iron.