Creative Brillance

WineTrend customized for any venue!

Interior designers love InVinity Wine Rack systems! We offer so many options and customization for any venue. Depending on the venue, we work with local artists, designers, and retailers, when installing wine racking displays. Hotels are using design elements to tell...

One-Of-A-Kind Wine Display by WineTrend

This contemporary, controlled-environment wine display was built in a penthouse to highlight wine bottle collection. It features 11.5-foot, honeycomb metal wine racks with glass on four sides, the panels are switched smart glass. The front and rear panels have a...

Another year over

2018 is ending on a good note and we are grateful for our clients. WineTrend team is excited about 2019 and the new projects we will be working on.

Every style, every space

Every style. Every space. WineTrend is ready to take on the challenge of designing a custom wine display with hundreds of display combinations to store your wine collections. There are tons of ways to design a wine display, wine cabinets, free standing or wall mount...

The Great Porsche Puzzle

For the past few weeks, we have been busy working diligently on creating an ambitious tour de force wine display at the Porsche Design Tower.

The Definitive Amenity Experience

For clients that have just spent millions of dollars on a luxury apartment and are still wondering what’s missing, Wine Trend invites you to discover the latest trend in real estate development

The Importance of the Wine Consultant

As the luxury hospitality industry continues to expand, so does the importance of the Wine Consultant. Their job is not only highly specialized, but also a necessity in ensuring that any hotel or restaurant offering a fine dining experience serves the appropriate...

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