How Luxury Amenities Move Residential Living into the Future

How Luxury Amenities Move Residential Living into the Future

Located in East Miami’s resort dominated sandy shores of Sunny Isles Beach, the 132-residential unit tower promises “luxurious living in the clouds” and accomplishes this level of premiere lifestyle in the luxury amenities designed, translated and integrated seamlessly into every facet of life in Porsche Tower.

Whether hosting family and friends, or business partners and prospective clients, the need for versatile lifestyle spaces designed in residential spaces as tenants increasingly blur the line between places of living, places of work and places of community is only growing as lifestyle connects these pillars of personal identity.

Sharing the luxury lifestyle in a world craving unique personal experience is exactly the question Sieger Suarez Architects and Michael Wolk Design Associates and Porsche Design solved in their approach to the luxury amenity integrated design they collaborated to perfect in the Porche Design Tower.

Selected by the Interior Designers, WineTrend engineer team set about realizing a small piece of the Porsche Tower lifestyle vision into a wine environment reality.

The unique challenge, how to appropriately frame and differentiate the private dining and meeting areas in an aesthetically distinguished system, while also functionally integrating a community focus to further bridge the gap between residential space and luxury lifestyle.

“WineTrend brought our vision magnificently to reality.” -Michael Wolk Design

WineTrend actualized the design solution: twin seventeen-foot secure, private wine locker walls that curve with the design of the Tower, reflect the natural floor-to-ceiling windows and ensure the wine is perfectly conditioned to provide a focal point for wine lifestyle.

During the Tower’s grand opening celebration, this prioritization of functional, beautiful design was on full display.

Guests sipped conditioned wine from the secure private wine locker wall, industry leaders communing in these private dining and meeting rooms occasionally turning to watch as the first-of-its-kind car lift system shuttled supercars to sky garages in residences that gazed out floor-to-ceiling windows over uninterrupted views of the Atlanta Ocean.

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Architect: Sieger Suarez Architects
Interior Design: Michael Wolk Design Associates
Interior Design: Porsche Design Group

Most Innovative Wine Storage Design Projects of 2019

Most Innovative Wine Storage Design Projects of 2019

2019’s Most Innovative Wine Storage Design Projects


The WineTrend team is proud to have made so many of your wine enclosure dreams and designs a reality this past year. While we are already busy designing, actualizing and prepping 2020 projects, we wanted to take a moment during this busy holiday season to celebrate and reflect on some of the most innovative Wine Storage projects we had the privilege of helping our clients realize in 2019.

Auberge Beach Residences

Architect: Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates
Interior Designer: Meyer Davis Studios
Contractor: Moss & Associates

A luxury first residence and spa, the Auberge Napa Valley Wine Room fulfills the promise of ‘Offering Endless Possibilities and Luxury’

A beautiful natural wood encased, custom curved glass wine display with diffused LED lighting celebrates the Napa Valley Wine Room and acts as the face for the concealed climate controlled wine storage space nestled behind to properly preserve Auberge’s finest selections.

Each residence at Auberge also has a conditioned wine locker with full glass door and natural wood shelving designed within the residential space, a fine pairing with Auberge’s commitment to the relaxing beachfront lifestyle.


Modera Buckhead, Sky Lounge

Architect: WDG
Interior Designer: HBA, Hirsch Bedner Associates
Owner: Mill Creek Residential, Modera Buckhead

Value engineered to inspire, the entrance to the contemporary Sky Lounge at Modera of Buckhead is flanked by two 11-foot tall custom wine displays designed to set the aesthetic, refined yet relaxed tone of the lounge space. The minimal racking frame dissolves behind select bottles of the best wine the North Georgia Blue Ridge has to offer.

The frameless glass doors and minimal, slim support posts specifically selected for the project allows the wine to seamless lend an elegance to anywhere in the room and create a label focused lounge atmosphere.

Artist’s Rendering Video Tour

Tower Club Dallas, Thanksgiving Tower

Interior Designer: Thiel & Thiel
Contractor: Wilson/Barnes General Contractors

The transformation of the Thanksgiving Tower at Sky Level to an open, personal connection centric design curated around conversation starters such as custom conditioned wine display units makes it easy to see how this Thiel & Thiel project was championed with ASID’s 2019 Legacy of Design, Best in Show award.

As with the Sky Lounge, the dining experience and atmosphere were prioritized in these understated glass display designs, taking advantage of the minimal frame and ensuring the focus is on The Tower Club’s delightful collection of fine vintages.

Flying Fish Restaurant

Interior Designer: Powell Design Group
Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
Client: Walt Disney Resort

One of the key components in the renovation of Disney BoardWalk’s Flying Fish Restaurant was to create a space where “If I’m sitting [anywhere in the restaurant], I’m looking at the beautiful bottles of wine and I’m looking over the wine list… I think the structure here, you immerse with the wine as much as the food, that is magical.”
Chef Tim Majoras

This project was actually completed a few years ago, but we recently had a chance to revisit the 5 conditioned wine displays and to hear how excited award winning head chef, Tim Majoras, was with the integrated dining and wining experience, so the beautiful Flying Fish reimagined refurbishment was very top of mind during many of our 2019 projects.

We always strive to catch the magic that is a perfectly integrated wine environment.

Porsche Design Tower, Penthouse

Interior Designer: Michael Wolk Design
Contractor: Coble Builders

This one-of-a-kind, modern walk-in wine room is designed as the 3rd Floor centerpiece for the panoramic ocean-view penthouse. The curved fixture is designed to seamlessly integrate with the unique shape of the penthouse to provide friends, family, guests and even the discerning sommelier a glass of perfectly preserved fine wine and a première host experience.

The bottle mounting and integrated LED back lighting for the acrylic shelves where designed from scratch for this project to capture the elusive ‘floating wine bottle’ look and realize a truly modern wine focused centerpiece.



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One-Of-A-Kind Wine Display by WineTrend

One-Of-A-Kind Wine Display by WineTrend

This contemporary, controlled-environment wine
display was built in a penthouse to highlight wine bottle collection. It features 11.5-foot, honeycomb metal wine racks with glass on four sides, the panels are switched smart glass. The front and rear panels have a patterned inner layer in the glass that follows the honeycomb rack pattern off to see the bottles and on to opaque the bottles.
The switched smart glass is a patterned inner layer that follows the honeycomb rack pattern that turns the view opaque. This feature has an easily controlled on and off switch.


Every style, every space

Every style. Every space. WineTrend is ready to take on the challenge of designing a custom wine display with hundreds of display combinations to store your wine collections.

There are tons of ways to design a wine display, wine cabinets, free standing or wall mount with the InVinity Wine Racking system. Innovation and versatility!

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The Great Porsche Puzzle

The Great Porsche Puzzle

For the past few weeks, we have been busy working diligently on creating an ambitious tour de force wine display. It has not been easy, but we never back down from a challenge. The task was for the Wine Trend team to build a free standing, 16 foot wine display consisting entirely of custom wine drawers with a complete mirror finish to be installed at the ultra-luxurious Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida.

Catering specifically to car aficionados with a certain love for the finer things in life, each apartment lists for between $7 million to over $30 million. So, it goes without saying that with such a hefty price tag per residence, the wine room had to impress. The main obstacle to tackle was creating a 16ft, free standing unit that was structurally sound. How can this be done? Well, no one said that creating a master piece is easy, and this project is no different.

To accommodate the ambitious design, we thought of a massive puzzle, with each piece coming together to form a complete wine display. We’ve tackled complicated controlled wine environment designs before – like at the Breaker’s Resort in Florida and the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi – so we knew this was something we could handle with élan.

The first piece of the puzzle was the base: a steel foundation that is entirely covered in an exclusive mirror finish. The next piece is the center piece, each of which is connected via a ladder-like vertical column. You then have the have top section. We finish off by cladding the entire display in the mirror finish.

The steel base before the mirror finish.

The steel base before the mirror finish.

Finally, we had to come up with particular pull-out wine drawers that would make up the entirety of the bottle storage. This was perhaps the easiest solution, because we turned to InVinity, an innovative wine racking system that specializes in customized wine racks and drawers. We were able to commission specially designed, custom InVinity wine drawers, with a total bottle capacity amounting to a whopping 10,000.

Blog June 2016

Rendering of the InVinity pull-out wine drawers.

And, voila! With three separate pieces, we created a single controlled wine environment that meets the challenging specifications of the clients and stores wine at the optimal temperatures.

It will be a few more weeks before the installation is complete, so until then, I invite you to learn more about our exclusive projects by clicking here. Cheers!



The Definitive Amenity Experience

The Definitive Amenity Experience

For clients that have just spent millions of dollars on a luxury apartment and are still wondering what’s missing, Wine Trend invites you to discover the latest trend in real estate development: shared recreational floors in high-end residential buildings that house private wine lockers.

Wine Trend is excited to be among the first design firms to be part of this growing and exclusive amenity development. We are working on communal controlled wine environment lockers and displays for two luxury projects in Miami and Manhattan.

What does this mean?

The luxury lifestyle is being reinvented, and for the better. Shared recreational floors mean that owners do not have to worry about space constraints when it comes to entertaining their guests in lavish style. They also don’t have to worry about not having the room to build a customized controlled wine environment.

Working with our sister company, InVinity, which designs and manufactures customizable private wine lockers, Wine Trend provides clients with the means to properly maintain and display their valuable wine inventory. Residents now have the ability to entertain a larger amount of guests in deluxe communal surroundings that include private dining and wine tasting rooms, lounges as well as bar, theater, billiards and library areas.

The lockers are technologically advanced and feature state-of-the-art locking systems. Owners can unlock their custom-built unit from their apartment using a special app, or by using a key code or fingerprint on-site. This flexibility permits access from the comfort of their home, or on the plush premises while hosting a soiree. Once a bottle has been removed, the inventory is instantly updated and can be edited also via a customized app.

Private controlled wine environment lockers are a niche service that we are very proud to provide, and we look forward to continuing to offer highly specialized amenities to our esteemed clientele.