One-Of-A-Kind Wine Display by WineTrend

One-Of-A-Kind Wine Display by WineTrend

This contemporary, controlled-environment wine
display was built in a penthouse to highlight wine bottle collection. It features 11.5-foot, honeycomb metal wine racks with glass on four sides, the panels are switched smart glass. The front and rear panels have a patterned inner layer in the glass that follows the honeycomb rack pattern off to see the bottles and on to opaque the bottles.
The switched smart glass is a patterned inner layer that follows the honeycomb rack pattern that turns the view opaque. This feature has an easily controlled on and off switch.


Another year over

Another year over

2018 is ending on a good note and we are grateful for our clients. WineTrend team is excited about 2019 and the new projects we will be working on.

Every style, every space

Every style. Every space. WineTrend is ready to take on the challenge of designing a custom wine display with hundreds of display combinations to store your wine collections.

There are tons of ways to design a wine display, wine cabinets, free standing or wall mount with the InVinity Wine Racking system. Innovation and versatility!

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The Great Porsche Puzzle

The Great Porsche Puzzle

For the past few weeks, we have been busy working diligently on creating an ambitious tour de force wine display. It has not been easy, but we never back down from a challenge. The task was for the Wine Trend team to build a free standing, 16 foot wine display consisting entirely of custom wine drawers with a complete mirror finish to be installed at the ultra-luxurious Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida.

Catering specifically to car aficionados with a certain love for the finer things in life, each apartment lists for between $7 million to over $30 million. So, it goes without saying that with such a hefty price tag per residence, the wine room had to impress. The main obstacle to tackle was creating a 16ft, free standing unit that was structurally sound. How can this be done? Well, no one said that creating a master piece is easy, and this project is no different.

To accommodate the ambitious design, we thought of a massive puzzle, with each piece coming together to form a complete wine display. We’ve tackled complicated controlled wine environment designs before – like at the Breaker’s Resort in Florida and the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi – so we knew this was something we could handle with élan.

The first piece of the puzzle was the base: a steel foundation that is entirely covered in an exclusive mirror finish. The next piece is the center piece, each of which is connected via a ladder-like vertical column. You then have the have top section. We finish off by cladding the entire display in the mirror finish.

The steel base before the mirror finish.

The steel base before the mirror finish.

Finally, we had to come up with particular pull-out wine drawers that would make up the entirety of the bottle storage. This was perhaps the easiest solution, because we turned to InVinity, an innovative wine racking system that specializes in customized wine racks and drawers. We were able to commission specially designed, custom InVinity wine drawers, with a total bottle capacity amounting to a whopping 10,000.

Blog June 2016

Rendering of the InVinity pull-out wine drawers.

And, voila! With three separate pieces, we created a single controlled wine environment that meets the challenging specifications of the clients and stores wine at the optimal temperatures.

It will be a few more weeks before the installation is complete, so until then, I invite you to learn more about our exclusive projects by clicking here. Cheers!



The Definitive Amenity Experience

The Definitive Amenity Experience

For clients that have just spent millions of dollars on a luxury apartment and are still wondering what’s missing, Wine Trend invites you to discover the latest trend in real estate development: shared recreational floors in high-end residential buildings that house private wine lockers.

Wine Trend is excited to be among the first design firms to be part of this growing and exclusive amenity development. We are working on communal controlled wine environment lockers and displays for two luxury projects in Miami and Manhattan.

What does this mean?

The luxury lifestyle is being reinvented, and for the better. Shared recreational floors mean that owners do not have to worry about space constraints when it comes to entertaining their guests in lavish style. They also don’t have to worry about not having the room to build a customized controlled wine environment.

Working with our sister company, InVinity, which designs and manufactures customizable private wine lockers, Wine Trend provides clients with the means to properly maintain and display their valuable wine inventory. Residents now have the ability to entertain a larger amount of guests in deluxe communal surroundings that include private dining and wine tasting rooms, lounges as well as bar, theater, billiards and library areas.

The lockers are technologically advanced and feature state-of-the-art locking systems. Owners can unlock their custom-built unit from their apartment using a special app, or by using a key code or fingerprint on-site. This flexibility permits access from the comfort of their home, or on the plush premises while hosting a soiree. Once a bottle has been removed, the inventory is instantly updated and can be edited also via a customized app.

Private controlled wine environment lockers are a niche service that we are very proud to provide, and we look forward to continuing to offer highly specialized amenities to our esteemed clientele.

The Great Dubai Wine Boom

The Great Dubai Wine Boom

Did you know that hotels and hotel-related hospitality venues represent more than 80% of alcohol consumption in the UAE? This statistic becomes all the more pertinent when considering that in 2013, Dubai was chosen as the 2020 World Expo host. Already home to a diverse population of over 200 different nationalities, the tiny emirate welcomes over 11 million tourists a year, and they expect to enjoy their stays in the city’s many luxury hotels – the only places where alcohol is readily available.

By 2020, it is predicted that Dubai will receive an influx of nearly 25 million visitors, over double their current tourist numbers, 70% of which will come from other countries around the globe, where they are used to enjoying alcoholic beverages at their leisure. In fact, this is the first World Expo where the majority of participants will most likely come from outside the host country. The Expo is expected to run from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, giving the local luxury hospitality sector ample opportunity to take advantage of alcohol sales.

Although a conservative Islamic country, the millions of tourists that are attracted to the cosmopolitan city certainly expect to delight in their cocktails, which are restricted to non-Muslims and only licensed hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. As the country knows that its economy is boosted by its booming tourism industry, it is effectively obliging the supply and demand model when it comes to providing alcohol to its global guests. They have become true masters of hospitality in that respect.

With the number of foreigners visiting the country on the rise, demand for wine is expected to grow at an average annual rate of over 6% during the period of 2015 to 2021. This rise in Dubai’s wine market is mostly thanks to tourism, which not only brings in the expats, but also foreign companies. Major wine suppliers already include the usual suspects: the US, France, Australia, Italy and Chile. The number of suppliers is also expected to go up exponentially.

This is a significant increase for the wine industry and only enhances the country’s need for informed, experienced and internationally recognized wine consultants like Wine Trend, Inc. The UAE, and especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is catching up to the high standards of designing luxurious yet functional controlled wine environments for the proper storage of wine to safeguard their inventory.

Without the technology available from firms like Wine Trend, hospitality venues stand to lose thousands in lost revenue due to improper storage of their wine goods, which they are then unable to sell. With tourism on the rise and the World Expo just around the corner, there is even more of a need to hire design build companies like Wine Trend to ensure safe wine storage.

We have had the pleasure of establishing a longstanding and successful work history with the top interior design firms working on luxury hotels in the UAE, like the Rosewood Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.

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