InVinity Wine Rack is the sister company to WineTrend.
Together, these companies design the state-of-the-art racking system.
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The versatility of InVinity is what makes this product unique and unlike any other wine rack system on the market. Different styles are easily self-assembled on site. With InVinity Inspire, just one post and bracket allows for over 90 different configurations that can be created in accordance with your design specifications, with the option to customize further if requested.

Using simple, adjustable bottle grips, the InVinity system can accommodate different sized bottles – from regular to magnum as well as champagne – without having to go through the hassle of ordering different arm racks.  The adjustable ceiling bracket allows for three finite height variations to accommodate different ceiling heights. This unique flexibility is the beauty of InVinity.

InVinity Premier offers similar flexibility of design. Consisting solely of floor-to-ceiling units, the wine racks come in an exquisite brushed stainless steel finish.  With Premier, you get the most out of your wine racking system, customizable bottle capacity as well as display styles in a single wine rack. There are three different post heights – 3’, 4’, 8’– as well as different bracket widths of 1’, 2’ and 3’, each of which can come in either single, double or triple deep bottle capacity.

Another exclusive feature of Premier is the Angle View units, which allow for bottles to be displayed upright at an angle, either all the way up the post or as part of a combination. Our Premier products are a truly unique wine racking system that much like our Inspire line, allows for interchangeable posts heights and display styles to create inimitable combinations.

In addition to our modular sets, InVinity also offers custom metal wine racks in accordance with specific criteria regarding height, display style and bottle capacity for both our Inspire and Premier lines.

Customized InVinity products are available through direct sales, Wine Trend, Inc. and other recommended vendors.


InVinity can custom produce any height post, whether through a combination of the 3’, 4’ and 8’ posts, or by adjusting the posts for a different length. For example, for a height of 11ft, an 8ft and 3ft post can be assembled together, or a post can be adjusted for a height of 6’. In each instance, parts are interchangeable and can be used to create up to 90 different configurations using the same post.

InVinity wine drawers are specially tailored for private wine lockers used by architects and designers working on high-end, luxury residential condos with shared communal floors as well as private clubs and other similar establishments. The dimensions of the drawers can be customized to accommodate individual design schemes. Each locker is fitted with a digital lock, which can be accessed through various means, including a passcode, a fingerprint or special app, depending on client specifications.

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