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We revolutionize the way project management teams interact with architects, designers, and clients. Our success has been driven by our passion for perfection and innovation.


WineTrend has had the pleasure of working with the architects, interior designers and hospitality managers of the world’s most exquisite luxury hotels, restaurants and resorts. Here’s what our clients have said about us.


“I have been working with WineTrend on different projects. Their design builds capability combined with strong knowledge of wine and luxury hotel business set them up to deliver the most sophisticated and stunning wine displays. Their ability to work with our Interior designers to create fully functional controlled wine displays while maintaining the desired aesthetics is amazing. Looking forward to working with them on future projects soon.”
Gert Kopera
Senior VP of Food and Beverage
Jumeirah Hotels. UAE
“Being faced with the task of handling the design of a luxury controlled environment wine wall without knowing all the technical aspects involved in building it was kind of very time consuming. WT took the burden off of my shoulder by providing a turnkey service from start to finish. They took what I envisioned and make it reality. They also managed the entire process from design to installation and took the coordination nightmare away among all entities involved. This allowed me to focus on designing the rest of the restaurant.”
Ross Burch
Senior Designer
Wilson Associates
“Over the moon, fantastic reaction to huge controlled environment wine display in the private dining area of our hotel but more importantly it worked. Great atmosphere all round fab experience. Well done Wine Trend, I have had a blast working with you!”
Jorge L. Zequeira
Executive Vice President
Interlink Group
St. Regis Resort

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